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The Finale We’ve Awaited for Decades “Halloween Ends”

The Finale We’ve Awaited for Decades “Halloween Ends”

The finale we’ve been waiting four decades for is finally here with the film “Halloween Ends” as part of the series “Halloween” featuring Jamie Lee Curtis. 

The movie series began in 1978 and the story is about a disturbed young man, Michael Myers, who has been released from the mental hospital after stabbing his older sister to death 15 years prior. Now of age, he returns to his hometown in Illinois and still carries an unfathomable urge to kill. Jamie’s character, Laurie Strode, is a college student at this time and comes across the murderer while babysitting a neighbor’s child when he becomes fixated on her and her friends. It becomes a game of cat and mouse over the years, and he always seems to be a step ahead. While Laurie and her crew consistently try to take him down, they fail, which brings us to this finale. Who will win?

Directed by David Gordon Green and the script written by five people including Chris Bernier, we are in for a chilling ride. In this thrilling end Laurie is with her granddaughter and seems to enjoy a normal life. Just as she begins to relax another young man is accused of killing a young boy while babysitting and she gets wrapped back in the terror. The film will be released October 14th and also starring Will Patton and Kyle Richards for a whirlwind ending we cannot wait to see.

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