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The Holistic Psychologist Changing Hearts One Post at a Time

The Holistic Psychologist Changing Hearts One Post at a Time

Instagram’s Holistic Psychologist (@the.holistic.psychologist) has flooded the platform with plenty of mental heath tips for the health community. With over 5 million followers, the doctor, real name Dr. Nicole LePera, is a licensed psychologist who has been practicing for several years. The psychologist’s Instagram page continues to grow every day as she educates followers on how to self-heal from past traumas and build emotional intelligence.

What captures the attention of the basic eye are things which teach you something or add some sort of value to your life. This brilliant woman’s platform has taken off because of the consistent education she is bringing in their every day lives.

Recent posts like “Signs You’re Becoming More Emotionally Mature” is a carousel of information to help people determine whether not they are growing as individuals or staying stagnant. Posts like this can bring self-awareness to those reading it. Another great recent post is for “recovering co-dependents” or otherwise people pleasers who must set boundaries and take the guilt off themselves when not answering a text right away for example. Dr. LePera continues to educate through reels and interviews, ultimately changing hearts one post at a time. She provides incredible information for people to heal their mind and emotions so they can become better humans for themselves and others.

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