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Top 5 Black-Owned Shoe Brands that you need to check out

Top 5 Black-Owned Shoe Brands that you need to check out

At a time when residues of racism are still around, it’s high time we supported black-owned businesses now more than ever! After all, talent comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Having said that, if you are on a quest to invest in a new shoe brand, these 5 Black-owned shoe brands will seal the deal for you. 


Created by Jazmin Veney in 2018, ARCH NYC brings more than conversation-starting elegance to strong independent women all over the world. 

If you’re specifically into vibrant color shoes, cozy mules, and cute plush slippers, ARCH NYC is one of the best black-owned shoe brands you never want to miss. 


Did someone want glitz and glamor? Then you’ll instantly fall in love with the AMINAH ABDUL JILLIL heels. 

Launched in 2012, AMINAH ABDUL JILLIL is a black-owned shoe brand that was brought into the limelight by Aminah Abdul-Jillil. Just the thought of this powerful woman, who has performed with some of the legendary pop icons including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, is quite other-worldly.

As a professional dancer, Aminah might be applying a bit of experience and stardust to every shoe pair she makes. AMINAH ABDUL JILLIL distributes its products in over 50 countries and if you want to feel and look like a real pop star, you might need to take a sneak peek at their Kitten Heels collection. 


Next up is another one of the best black-owned shoe brands, i.e. Jessica Rich. Breaking into the industry in 2017, Jessica’s vital priority was to empower everyone, especially black women living in America, to be unapologetically themselves. 

Not to mention, after she debuted with the collection, Transparent, it garnered significant attention due to its versatility. Her brand has risen to fame to the point that celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, Joan Smalls, and Cardi B, are often boasting Jessica Rich shoes. 

If you want to give Jessica Rich shoes a shot, check out their satin platform sandals, and you won’t be underwhelmed. 


Our 4th pick is Kahmune, founded in 2016 by Jamela A Acheampong. This inspiring black-owned shoe brand was a direct result of Jamela seeing the lack of nude shoe options they had in the market. Driven with passion, she started painting her first shoes to match her skin color. 

Her ultimate goal is to promote and celebrate the diversity in human complexion through Kahmune’s high-end shoes that represent 10 tones of women all around the globe. 


Launched in 2019, BYDOSE was founded and cultivated by Diana for women who cherish heels all day long. Her main goal is to shift the narrative of “Painful heels” into “Comfortable heels you can wear 24/7”. 

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Although it seems like a long shot, BYDOSE presents luxury and minimal footwear to heavily embellished pairs that proved comfort and heels can co-exist.  Last but certainly not least, BYDOSE is another one of the best black-owned shoe brands that are worth taking a look at. 


Over to you

It is a no-brainer that more and more black-owned shoe brands are stealing the limelight by the year. They all stand behind one mission, which is to establish more versatility, choice, and confidence for all people of color. 

So, if you had a hard time choosing your shade, you can rely on these best black-owned shoe brands to have your back.




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