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Trey Songz Assault Claims: Is there truth or is it mass hysteria

Trey Songz Assault Claims: Is there truth or is it mass hysteria

A woman who claimed Trey Songz assaulted her back in 2016 has re-filed her lawsuit and is suing for $25 million. The original case was dismissed by a judge in November.m due to statute of limitations.


Court documents refer to her as Jane Doe who  alleges that Songz raped her at a party after she refused his advances. She allegedly ordered a Lyft to a hospital for medical treatment and counseling, after which nurses at the hospital reported her allegations to the Burbank Police Department.


In a statement, her attorney George Vrabeck has argued that Atlantic Records should be held responsible for the singer’s actions.


“This case is much more than about one singer and one viciously abused sexual assault survivor who has the courage to take action,” Vrabeck said. “It’s also very much about the systematic sexual abuse in the music industry and the music industry’s complicity in silencing sexual abuse survivors. It’s virtually impossible to believe that those executives are not and were not aware of the institutionalized sexual abuse.”


Unfortunately, the list of violent and sexual assault allegations against the singer. Do not end with Jane doe. A few other women have accused him of sexual misconduct including Jahaura Jeffries.


Jeffries claims she met Songz at a New Year’s Eve party held at Diddy’s Miami mansion before they continued the night at E11EVEN. While dancing on a couch at the club, Jeffries, who was wearing a dress with a high slit, claims that she felt “fingers being inserted into her vagina.”


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When she turned around, she allegedly saw an intoxicated Songz “pulling his hand away from her bottom.”


Even Keke Palmer has apparently also accused the singer of sexually intimidating her in the past.


We’ll see where this turns.


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