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Upper lip hair removal: Main care

Upper lip hair removal: Main care

There are now different techniques for depilating the upper lip, ranging from cold, warm or hot wax, to the classic tweezers depilation.

Check out in this article the main care with these techniques and learn more about them.

Main care in relation to upper lip hair removal

You need to take actions before and after epilation to avoid stains, irritations, allergic reactions, wounds and other problems that may occur and that are directly linked to the procedure.

Among the top tips are:

pre waxing

Before waxing, wash your face well with soap and water and, if necessary, prepare your skin with a moisturizer.

post waxing

After performing the procedure, the most recommended is to apply moisturizing creams and sunscreen. Avoid being exposed to the sun for at least a day.

If you don’t take care of the incidence of UVA/UVB rays, the area can be stained.


To avoid blemishes in addition to sun care, more sensitive skin can have an inflammatory reaction, generating blemishes that are known as hyper pigmentation.

You need to avoid using alcohol-based products and other strong reagents, so as not to further irritate the skin. Moisturizing soap and water is enough.


Folliculitis is a skin infection that starts in the hair follicles. In hair removal it can be the result of inflammation of ingrown hairs.

Cleanse your skin with products that have soothing active ingredients in their formulation.

Always follow your dermatologist’s guidelines.

Different types of upper lip hair removal

Check out some of the most common techniques for this area:

Cold wax hair removal

It is known as cold wax that which is applied with an adhesive tape whose wax is at room temperature. It is a not very interesting method for fluff.

This is because it causes skin irritation and is one of the most painful methods. She also plucks the hairs superficially.

But it is one of the best options for those who have sensitive skin and who smear easily, as the lack of heat only provides an instant redness that soon disappears.

Warm wax hair removal

Beeswax is usually used to make this type of wax. This hair removal is usually the least painful. It is also very effective and will hardly cause blemishes on the skin.

Hot wax hair removal

Hot wax is the most effective because it pulls the hair out by the root, as the pores are open. But it is a technique that can compromise the outer layer of the skin, because when pulling, in addition to the fur, it can tear off parts of the skin.

This causes it to dry out, cause burns and form sores.

Avoid reusing it as it can cause infections.

But this is the one that causes the least pain.

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Shaving cream

There are also depilatory creams, which are very practical and you don’t feel any pain. But as it doesn’t pull out at the root, the hair grows faster.

They are not suitable for very sensitive skin and pregnant women, as it is basically a chemical product that “dissolves” the hair.

in the tweezers

This method is suitable for those who have little hair on the upper lip. It is a time consuming and painful technique. Not to mention that epilation is not perfect, as it has hairs that are practically invisible, but later become visible.


Egyptian thread waxing and other techniques that use thread to pull out upper lip hairs are very common as well.

It is a good option because it pulls the hair out by the root and helps the hair to grow slowly.

She is also super hygienic and will hardly rip the skin barrier, as the method is done superficially, without the need to stick anything.

Just be careful with the thread as it can cut the skin.

laser hair removal

This is the ultimate hair removal. It usually has a higher price, precisely because it prevents hair from growing again, but there are exceptions.

However, as it is very strong, there are risks of burns and it is necessary to avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays in the first hours, in addition to the application of moisturizers.

But at the time of doing the procedure, the dermatologist in charge will instruct you on all care

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