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Who is Viktor Bout?

Who is Viktor Bout?

Viktor Bout, the notorious Russian gun dealer, dubbed the ‘Merchant of Death,’ was released from a U.S. prison in exchange for WNBA star Brittney Griner. He was serving a 25-year prison sentence in maximum security for conspiring to kill Americans, acquiring and exporting aircraft missiles, and providing material support to a terrorist organization. Russia had been trying to arrange a deal for Bout to be release since his arrest in 2008. He was scheduled for release on August 19th, 2029. (USA Today, December 2022).

Who was Viktor Bout to be traded for?

Griner was arrested at Moscow airport in February 2022 after police found cannabis oil and vapor cartridges in her luggage. She pled guilty to a drug smuggling charge and got sentenced to nine years. Former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2020 on espionage charges. He maintained his innocence. His release was first an addition to the trade, but ultimately wasn’t included.

Defense Intelligence Agency Officer Rebekah Koffer tells us that, “Moscow wants him (Bout) back because he possesses critical insights that he can share with the GRU, his former agency. Having been in the U.S. presence and interrogated by U.S. officials, he knows what U.S intelligence requirements are and other information that is valuable for Russia.”

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Why is this an issue to some?

Some still don’t feel it was worth letting Britney Griner go because “she knew better than to break the law in Russia.” Or it could be her not wanting to stand for the National Anthem. Maybe it could be because she chose to play basketball overseas. It’s a debate that can go on, including this seeming like a political stunt pulled by the Biden Administration. Only time will tell when it comes to the plans of Viktor Bout. It’s not like The United States hasn’t been tied to Russia in unorthodox ways before this trade. All we can do is speculate at this time.

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